Configure Geocoding Workflows for Custom Entities

  1. Go to Setting > Processes > Click on ‘New’ to design a new Workflow Process.

  2. Write Process name, choose ‘Workflow’ under category section and select desired entity as shown below:

3. Select ‘Organization’ under ‘Scope’ dropdown. Select ‘Record is created’ and ‘Record fields change’ options as shown below:

4. For the Record fields change option, select all of the address fields to ensure the address is geocoded when any of the address fields is changed as shown below:

5. Select the Inogic.Maplytics.Geocoding workflow assembly from the Add step menu as shown below:

Please don’t select Latitude & Longitude field attribute here.

For custom workflows, add an 'AND' condition, if the address fields are not blank as shown in the above screenshot. This will avoid the trigger of the workflow if the address fields do not have any value.

6. Click on ‘Set Properties’ and set the address parameter as shown in below screenshot for the workflow assembly:

7. Choose ‘Update Record’ from ‘Add Step’ menu after selecting ‘Set Properties’ record and select same entity for which workflow is being created.

8. Click on ‘Set Properties’ of the new record and in the update window set the Latitude, Longitude and Rating to the output parameters returned by the workflow assembly as shown in the screenshot below:

Geocoding Confidence Rating: User can also check the geocoding confidence rating provided by Bing Maps. A ‘Rating’ field can be added that shows the confidence rating as High, Medium or Low. The ‘Rating’ field is set in the workflow as shown in the above screenshot.

  • Latitude and Longitude fields should of data type: ‘Floating Point Number’ with precision set to 5. Add minimum to maximum range of fields respectively Latitude (+90 to -90), Longitude (-180 to +180).

  • Geocoding Confidence Rating cannot be checked for Geocoding plugin.

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