Entity Name: Select the name of the entity.

Link To: If the user wants to fetch the address from another entity then the user has to specify the link to attribute.

For example: To plot the opportunity records if the user wants to refer the address from the customer, i.e., from Account/Contact, then you have to select Entity name as “Opportunity” and select the link to attribute as “Potential Customer”.

Create New Record: Select ‘Yes’ if you would like to create a new record for any point on the map to save within Dynamics CRM.

These records will only be created for the entities having it's own address fields.

Total Records: This shows how many total records are present in the entity.

Geocoded Records: This shows how many records are geocoded in the entity.

Get Geocode Count: While opening the entity map, the values in the fields ‘Total Records’ and ‘Geocoded Records’ will be zero(0) by default. To get the updated values in the same, admins can click on the ‘Get Geocode Count’ button from the ribbon bar.

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