Register to Windows Service

If the number of records is more than 9K, then user needs to register to Windows service in order to create multiple territories. With more than 9K records plotted on the map when user tries to create multiple territories then the below message will be shown and these records will be processed by Windows Service. When the user clicks on ‘Confirm’ then it will create the territory records with the status ‘Process by WS’ and Windows Service will process these territories by distributing the records to create the specified number of balanced territories based on the number of records.

Windows service runs at the interval that user will set. For example, user can set it for every 1 hour. When windows service runs and finds territories with the status ‘Process by WS’ then it will process them one by one. It takes one territory and performs the logic and distributes the records properly to create the respective number of territories and while updating these territories it changes the status of those territories to draft. User can plot this draft territory and create the respective territories into the CRM.

To install Windows Service, user can go to the ‘Batch processing tool’.

1. To get the tool, Extract the Batch Processing tool .zip file from the extracted Zip folder of downloaded Maplytics solution.

2. Run the BatchProcessingTool as Administrator as shown below

3. Once the user runs the tool, the following window will open where they need to enter the credentials and click on ‘Next’.

4. Once user clicks on ‘Next’, it validates the credentials and if credentials are valid then the below window shows up. Here, user needs to select the option to Install/Uninstall Territory Distribution Windows Service and click on ‘Install’.

Once clicked on ‘Install’ the ‘Territory Windows Service’ will be installed in the PC as shown below. User can click on ‘Uninstall’ to uninstall ‘Territory Windows Service’.

User can start and stop windows service using ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ button.

To update the windows service run interval, user needs to change “RUNINTRERVAL” in the app config of windows service (Inogic.Maplytics.TerritoryDistribution.exe.config).

Note: Make sure the PC in which the Windows Service is installed is running all the time because if the PC is turned off, the Territory Windows Service will also get turned off and it will not perform any task.

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