By Location

This helps the user to plot the data using the geocoding of each record. By Location search option also allows the user to perform Proximity/Radius Search based on Distance or Time.

The Current Location is fetched from the user’s personalization record. The user can also set a new current location using the contextual menu. Refer to the section of the Contextual menu.

Select Datasource dropdown will list out all the Entities (OOB and Custom) configured for Maplytics and the active views (System views, Personal views, Maplytics Dashboards and Marketing Lists) that are available for the selected Entity type. The user can choose one of the views to plot all the records available in that view.

The user can also configure the ‘Views List’. Refer ‘Setup Entity Map’ section of Installation Manual for further instruction.

The user can select additional entities using the ‘+’ button. The user is allowed to specify multiple Datasources for plotting the data at a time. This allows for viewing Dynamics CRM data across Entities in a single view on the map.

After selecting multiple entities, the user can click on the ‘Search’ button to plot the records for the selected entities. This helps the user to visualize multiple entities on a single map.

User can define the colors as well as pushpin shapes of the Entity – view combination. Refer to ‘Setup Entity Map’ section of Installation Manual for further instructions.

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