Shape Operations

With the help of Shape operations, users can perform Binary operations on the shapes drawn on the map. These operations can only be performed under the Search option of ‘By Drawing’ in the Plot card and Territory management section. Please refer to the section of Territory management for the shape operations in Territory management.

User can open the ‘by drawing’ search option and right click on the shapes and can choose the option of ‘Shape operations’. The following five operations can be performed on the shapes:


This highlights the shape(s) obtained by subtracting the overlapped ones from the selected shape


This highlights the shape(s) where the selected shape and other shapes overlap.


This adds all the shapes overlapped on the selected shape.

Union Aggregate

This performs union operation on all the shapes that are drawn on the map. If a shape does not overlap with any other shapes, it highlights such shapes and the union of the rest of the overlapping shapes.

Disjunctive union

This highlights the shapes that are not overlapped and lie in the selected shape & the shapes that are linked with the selected shape.

Undo – While performing operations, user can use the option of ‘Undo’ to go only one step back into the binary operations performed

Reset – Using the option of reset, user can remove all the operations that are performed on the shapes drawn on the map

  • To perform any operation, two or more shapes should overlap.

  • For Union Aggregate, there should be more than one shapes with or without overlap.

  • The highlighted shapes are new shapes as resultants of the operations performed. User can click on the highlighted shapes to view the summary card and the data in the view data grid.

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