Redirect with Waze

User can view the turn-by-turn navigations on Waze site on desktop and Waze App on Phones and Tablets. This will show the navigation links from current location to the waypoints.

The checkpoints should be under 3000 miles from the current location to view routes on Waze.

Redirection on mobiles:

User can click on the route navigation buttons to redirect on the Google maps/Waze.

The user can also use the ‘Copy Links’ button to copy the links to send them as an email or save it into a note.

  • By default, the links will be redirected to Google Maps.

  • The links redirect on the Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablet works with Dynamics 365 v9.x

  • For other devices and Dynamics 365 v8.2, users can use the ‘Copy Links’ button.

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