Hierarchal Territories

Dynamics 365 supports the hierarchy of territory where user can manage multi-level territories. If an organization has enabled the Hierarchical territories in the CRM, the users can plot the territories to plot and manage multi-level territories. So, if there are any child territories created for the selected territories, then those will also get plotted on the map along with the selected territories.

User can select and plot the territories on the map using the three ways as follows:

• By Territory using plot card in Detail map

User can open the Detail map to choose the icon of ‘By territory’ in the Plot card. They can select the territories from the list, select Data source & view and click on Search to plot the same.

• By Territory using Territory Management in Detail map

Within the Detail map, user can click on the icon of ‘Territory Management’ and select the option of ‘By territory’. Now, select the territories and click on Plot.

• Overlay in Detail map

User can use the option of Overlay within the Plot card or Territory management to plot the territories.


  • System admin and Territory Manager will have access to all territories

  • The visualization of the territories to the rest of the users will be dependent on the usage of the option of ‘Show All Territories’ within the Default Configuration Detail record > Advanced Settings > Configure Option>Show All Territories. If the option is not selected then the user will be able to view only the territories for which they are the Territory Manager or the member.

  • If a user is the Territory Manager or the member of a parent territory, then the user will be able to access the child territories as well, either using the Maplytics maps as mentioned above or by going to the respective child territory records within the Territory entity to visualize it in the Territory Map Preview.

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