To configure Dashboards, Entity maps, Shape files etc. for use in Maplytics, click on the Configure button.

These records will be based on the modules installed in CRM (Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service & Census data). The user can choose the records they want to configure. By default all the records will be checked.

Create Personalized Records: For existing customers, if the User Configuration Detail records are not there, user can select this option and click on ‘Proceed’ to create the User Configuration Detail records for all the user which are there in the Maplytics team.

  • If the Entity Maps are not created for any entity, it will be created while reconfiguration.

  • If the Entity Map is already created for any entity, changes done to the Entity Map by the user will remain intact.

  • Modules which are not installed in the organization will get listed in the Maplytics Configuration window, but it will be deactivated. User cannot select the Entity Maps /Dashboards for that module.

  • By default, the Census data records are not checked for configuration. If the user wants to configure the Census data, please select the check boxes for Census data before clicking on ‘Proceed’. While reconfiguring, the existing Census data territories, the geographies and the categories set within, will get deleted.

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