Detail Map

Maplytics buttons are added to the Entity forms as well as the Entity Homepages so that it can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Using this button, the user can invoke the Maplytics application for detailed geographical analysis. Maplytics provides both ‘Heat Maps’ view as well as ‘Detail Map’ view of the Dynamics CRM data. These views can be easily accessed from the buttons added to the command bar in entity home pages and other views.

Selecting a few records and clicking on the ‘Detail Map’ button on a particular Entity Grid view will open the following window;

It will automatically plot the selected records from the view on the map. Records that do not have their latitude/ longitude will be ignored and will not be plotted on the Map.

Map My Current Location

Clicking on the ‘Locate Me’ button the user is asked to allow his current location to be plotted on the map. Once allowed, the user’s current location gets plotted with a blue pushpin.

Right-clicking the current location provides two options, Set Address and Street View. Set Address populates the address of the current location in the text box. The Latitude and Longitude of this location are populated in the respective fields in the bar above. On clicking the Update button and confirming the address, the address, latitude, and longitude get updated successfully for the record. Using this functionality, the user can view the travel distance from the Current Location and the User’s Location and plan the travel accordingly.

Street View

Right-Clicking on the Detail Map gives an option of Street View.

Clicking it opens an improved 3D view of the street.

Right Clicking on the Detail Map on the Mobile App also gives an option of Street View and a 3D View.

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