Contextual Menu

Long press anywhere on the map to get a contextual menu on the map. The Pushpin Contextual menu provides the following additional options. This option provides commonly used features in Maplytics like Set as Current Location, Origin, Adding to Route, etc.

Set As Origin: This option will set the pushpin's address as the route's start location. Set As Destination: Selecting this option will set the pushpin's address as the route's end location. Add to Route: This option will set the address of the pushpin as a middle waypoint of the selected route. For example, if the users already have Point A and Point B selected as their route, and click on the Add To Route option, then Point B will become Point C, and the address of the selected pushpin will become Point B of their route. Set As Current Location: This option is used to set the address of the pushpin as the current location, which can be used for proximity search. For example, if the user wants to plot all the leads that are within a radius of 100 miles from a particular record then the user can click on the Set As Current Location option to set the address as the current location, and then the user can plot the records around this location. This option also removes the additional step to type the current location manually for the proximity search. Set As POI Location: This option helps the user to set the center point for the Point of Interest (POI) searches like ATMs, restaurants, Airports, etc. Once this location is set as the POI location, the user can search for different POIs around this location. Users can choose the icons or the locations from the list of ‘others’ or enter a keyword to search for the respective POI locations on the map.

Save Template:

Users can save the plotted search criteria as a template, so as to open the template directly instead of searching on the map again.

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