Census data Visualization

This feature helps the user to visualize census data on the map. Census data provides the information about the population for a whole country or parts of country. Visualization of this data on Maplytics will help the user to analyze various information of the required area in a country like Housing units, Area land, Area water, population demographics, etc. and take strategic decisions. A few census data are available by default within Maplytics. These default census data are provided by Bing maps for USA. User can also plot their own census files on the map which contains census data. User can configure categories to see colored regions as per the configuration and also configure attributes to see on Summary card and hover on region.

To plot the census data, user can choose the option of ‘Files’ in the feature of Overlay. Please refer to the section of ‘Overlay’. Further users can select the following options as well.

Category Attributes: An attribute can be selected to categorize the regions plotted by file.

Summary Attributes: One or more attributes can be selected to show the same in the Summary card. The attributes selected within the ‘Configuration’ of the saved file in the Territory Entity will be selected by default. User can deselect them and can select other attributes.

Configuration for Census data

User can configure the Census files provided by Maplytics in the Dynamics CRM. Please refer to the section of ‘Configure’ in Installation manual for the steps to configure. This will save some census files in CRM provide by Maplytics.

While configuring the census data into Dynamics CRM, territories will get created within which the respective census data will be saved in the form of geographies. To view the saved census data, Go to Settings > Business Management > Sales Territories.

Following are the territories for census data saved on configuration:

  • England-Cities

  • Germany-Postalcodes

  • NewYork-Postalcodes

  • USA 111th Congressional Districts

  • USA Counties

  • USA States

  • USA-Postalcodes

Configuration for attributes

User can configure the attributes available in the census data/shape files to show on the map, create categories for attributes and select the colors to visualize the categorized data on the map. This allows the user to frame the data how they want to view on the map.

Go to Settings > Business Management > Sales Territories > Territories with census data/shape files saved > Configuration

Attribute Configuration:

  • Summary Attributes: User can select the attributes to show on the Summary card shown on the click on the regions in the census data/shape file plotted on the map.

  • Hover Attributes: User can select at a maximum of 6 attributes that will be shown on the hover on the regions in the census data/shape file plotted on the map.

  • Data grid Attributes: User can select the attributes from the census data/shape file to be shown as columns in the data grid in Detail map.

• Category Configuration

User can create categories for the attributes in the census data/shape file. Creating categories will help the user to view the categorized census data for the required attributes in the desired colors. Some categories are provided by default for configured census data. User can click on New button to create a new category for any attribute. User can also click on ‘Edit’ and ‘Remove’ to make changes or delete the existing categories respectively.

Create filters and define colors

After clicking on Edit/New button, user can filter the attributes and define colors for the ranges of the filtered attributes.

  • Attribute: This shows the name of the Attribute for which the category has been created/will be created.

  • Display Name: User can type a name for the category which should be displayed in the list of the categories.

  • Save: User can click on save button to save the changes made. o Discard: User can click on Discard button to discard the changes made.

  • Filter: User can set various filter conditions for the category. o Value: User can set values for respective filters set.

  • Color: This can be used to set colors for individual filters set. The user can click on the Auto Set button to set random colors for all the values.

  • Add/Remove: Click on Add or Remove to add a new filter or delete the filter respectively.

After the user has created categories, user can plot the census data along with an attribute selected to visualise the categorised Census data on the map as shown below:

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