Optimize Direction

This can be selected from the Options. This option will provide the users with the optimized route direction between their waypoints keeping Origin & Destination as fixed waypoints.

Once the user clicks on ‘Go’ the route will be plotted and the directions will be available on the Directions Card.

User can view all the details regarding the pushpins on the route in the view data grid in the tab named entity_Route. For example, Contact_Route. Each waypoint on the route will be represented by a pushpin. User can hover or click on any pushpin to view the details of the waypoint. If the waypoints are records saved within Dynamics CRM, it will open the tooltip card on its click showing the respective data configured for tooltip card.

If the waypoint is just a location, on a click it will open a tooltip card showing its address and an icon that can be used to create a record for the location. This includes the Default origin and destination pushpin as well.

User can also choose to show or hide the layer of route from the layer card.

Add Waypoints

Using the Add Waypoints option, a user can add records from any Entity to a route on the map as waypoints and reroute it.

A lookup table of records appears on selecting the desired entity. Records to be added as waypoints can be directly selected from the Lookup or after passing the relevant keyword in the search bar.

Once added, the record appears as a waypoint and gets added to the route on clicking Go. Multiple records can be added as waypoints in this manner.

Route Sharing:

Maplytics also helps the user to share a route in different ways.

Send Route email: Maplytics also helps the user to send the route details in an email using the ‘Send route email’ button. This will automatically fetch all the details of the route like the account details, waypoints, links, etc. in the mail.

Users can click on ‘Show Complete Route’ to see the entire route with all the waypoints or use the individual ‘Route link’ to see the routes between two waypoints. The user will be redirected to their preferred navigation app, Google or Waze, to visualize the route on the map based on the app selected in their Map Configuration Detail Record

Maplytics admin or System admin can add four more columns to the existing route table to view more details on the same. To do this, they can go to Maplytics App > Settings > Entity maps > Entity map of respective entity > Advanced Settings > Route Email Configuration > Attributes > Select Attributes > Add.

Save Route:

Users can also save their route plotted. The route record will also save the information like number of waypoints, total distance and time for the route. User can add the route to an existing route or save the route with a name & owner as a new route.

User can also update any route directly using the update button. User can search for route existing in the required duration and click on the update button besides the required route.

Multiple Routing: With Multiple Routing, the users are enabled to view multiple saved routes together on the map. For instance, if Shawn is the manager of a Sales Team of 5 members, he can create and save the travel routes for these 5 sales reps. Later, using multiple routing, he can view all 5 routes for all the team members on the map.

Up to 10 routes can be viewed and saved at once within a certain date range on the map in this manner. All the Routes are color-coded in color legends. The same color legend is followed in the Saved Route Summary Card and on the Map.

Users can add or remove waypoints within any of these saved routes as per requirement. When clicked on one of the route names, the map zooms onto it. The route that needs an edit can be clicked upon, and the details open on the map. Additional waypoints can be added or deleted from the route panel. Clicking on Go, the route reroutes itself and can be saved using the save button.

Back on the Saved Route Summary Card, the Update button can be clicked upon and the changes shall be reflected in that respective route.

Clear Route:

The user can use the Clear Route button to clear the route from the map. This will just clear the route and directions card will still be opened for further use.

Another important feature of Maplytics is Routing across multiple waypoints. All the routing features in Maplytics can be accessed from the Directions Card.

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