Map View Control for Dataset

User can add this control to any entity to visualize all of the records of the view or sub-grid on a map. User can further hover on the pushpins to view the information regarding the records. The information on the hover of the records is customizable. To add more information on hover, please refer to the section of Advanced Settings within the Entity maps in the Installation manual. User can also click on the pushpins to highlight them. Highlighting multiple pushpins can help the users to perform various actions from the ribbon on all the highlighted records at once. User can also right click on any pushpin to open the respective record.

Steps to Add control: To add this control on an entity grid, user can follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Components > Entities > Required Entity

Here, we have taken the Contact entity for an instance. Within Contacts, go to Controls > Add Control > Select Map View Control for Dataset > Add

2. User can choose to allow the control on Web, Phone or Tablet. Click on Save > Publish.

3. User can open any view of the entity to view this control.

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