Assign lands to single record

In order to visualize the land of a record, user first needs to create the geography for the landscape and assign the geography to the respective record. To do this, open the required record and click on ‘more commands’ to click on the button of ‘Land Area Mapping’.

After clicking on ‘Land Area Mapping’, a new window will open as shown below where the user can upload Shape files or Excel files or draw shapes for the landscapes on the map.

Plot Options

There will be two options that can be used to plot the landscapes on the map.

• Shape File

• By Drawing

Shape File

Users can select a shape file or an excel file to plot the respective lands on the map. The supported file formats are .shp, .kml, .geojson. Once the file is plotted on the map, user can use the selection tool at the right top corner to select, deselect, multi-select or delete the regions plotted on the map. Now user can select the required regions and right click to Assign Area.

User can here select the name for the selected region and click on ‘Proceed’ to save it.

By Drawing

Users can also create geographies for the landscaping using the option of ‘By Drawing’. They can use the drawing tool to draw the shapes for the required landscape on the map. Further, use the selection tool to select drawn shape(s) and right click to assign area.

Enter the name of the geography and click on ‘Proceed’. The color of the drawn shape changes after getting assigned to the record.

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