After enabling the feature, user can also enable the option of ‘Check-Out’. This way the user can first click on the Check-In button while visiting the meeting and then can click on the Check-Out button while completing the meeting. Here, the geo-coordinates for both the locations will be saved which will also help the management to track the time spent on the meetings.

In order to enable Check- Out, System Admin/Maplytics Admin can follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Settings > Maplytics Configuration Details > Default Configuration Detail Record (the one with no user name) > Check-In tab > Set the value for Enable Check-Out to ‘Yes’ & click on ‘Save’.

  • The default value for ‘Enable Check-Out’ is set to ‘No’.

  • User can anytime disable this option.

  • Check-Out option can only be enabled for entities for which the feature of Check-In has been enabled.

  • Check-Out can be enabled/disabled only at Organization level.

  • Check-Out button will only be available for the records for which the user has checked-in.

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