By Region

This helps the user to plot the data by the region of records, i.e., City, State, County, Country, PostalCode, PostalCode Sector, Postal Code(Outward Code), Postal Code Areas. The user can plot multiple regions under a particular region type.

  • Postal Code: The smallest postcode category, such as a zip code.

  • Postal Code Sector: The second ‘1’ is called “Postcode Sector”. Example: CA1 1

  • Postal Code(Outward Code): This is called Outward Code, the part of the postcode before the single space in the middle. Example: CA1

  • Postal Code Areas: The next largest postcode category after Postcode1 that is created by aggregating Postcode1 areas.

  • The regions that were plotted using the option of Post code Areas before will now be plotted by using the option of Post code sector.

  • The regions will be plotted as per the Bing maps.

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