Proximity by Distance

This option will calculate the straight-line distance between the current location and all the points which fall in the proximity parameter as shown below:

Enter the radius for the Proximity search. The user can also add decimal values with a scale of 2 for the radii. The Proximity can be provided either in Miles or Kilometers. The User can also hover over a pushpin and see the distance from current location.

This new addition to Proximity based on Distance allows users to perform up to 3 proximity searches simultaneously. The user needs to enter the distance values separated by a comma (,) and all the points that fall in the defined proximity parameter will be plotted.

The Concentric proximity zones are represented by different colors for easy visual analysis. The user can also click on individual proximity zones to highlight the circle and open the Summary Cards for that proximity parameter. The user can also filter the data points based on the proximity zone and their proximity distance from the current location in the ‘View Data’ grid.

Note: User can enter integer value from 0.1 to 2000 for distance proximity search.

Show Travel Distance

While performing Proximity Search by Distance or Time, if the user wants to see the actual travelling distance from the current location till each of the individual pushpins, they can select the checkbox of ‘Show Travel Distance’ to view the Shortest Travel Distance on the hover and view data grid.

Show Travel Distance for Truck

Once the user selects the option of ‘Show Travel Distance’, user will get an option to an Asset and Hazardous material. This will provide the list of the assets created in the Asset entity within the CRM. If the user wants to search for the shortest travel distance for truck, they can choose to select the respective Asset and if any Hazardous material is being carried out or select none from the following list:

  • Combustible

  • Corrosive

  • Explosive

  • Flammable

  • Flammable Solid

  • Gas

  • Goods Harmful To Water

  • Organic

  • Poison

  • Poisonous Inhalation

  • Radioactive

  • Other

  • None

  • If user has not select ed any asset here, by default, the travel distance will be calculated as per driving by car.

  • The feature of ‘Show Travel Distance’ based on driving by truck uses a separate key. Every time the travel distance is searched based on driving by truck, 3 transaction limits of the key are consumed for each pushpin that appears within the proximity.

Proximity by Time

This option will calculate how many points fall in ‘x’ minutes or hours of driving distance from current location. The Proximity can be provided in either Minutes or Hours. The User can also hover over a pushpin and see the distance from current location.

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