Census Data Visualization
This feature helps the user to visualize census data on the map. Census data provides information about the population for a whole country or parts of the country. Visualization of this data on Maplytics will help the user to analyze various information of the required area in a country like Housing units, Area land, Area water, population demographics, etc. and take strategic decisions.
A few census data are available by default within Maplytics. These default census data are provided by Bing maps for the USA. User can also plot their own shape files on the map which contains census data.
To plot the census data, user can choose the option of shape files in the feature of Overlay. Please refer to the section of ‘Overlay’.
Category Attributes: An attribute can be selected to categorize the regions plotted by file.
Summary Attributes: One or more attributes can be selected to show the same in the Summary card. The attributes selected within the ‘Configuration’ of the saved file in the Territory Entity will be selected by default. User can deselect them and can select other attributes.
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